A Great Injustice



My partner of the last 4 years made up his mind to get involved in the SL fashion and blogging world a couple of years ago. He struggled with severe health and mental health issues (extreme OCD,anxiety and PTSD from bullying) but persevered,trying to maintain his own personal style in a world that can be very trend specific and critical about looks. I watched him grow and move up,gaining experience and working hard,spending personal funds for very little if any monetary return…but for the love and passion for styling and wanting to be a part of a community. Something he has not had the fortune to have in RL because of health issues.

For the last month I’ve witnessed a terrible injustice to someone I care a lot about. A person who has contributed to the SL fashion & arts community for the past 2 years…as a blogger,print & runway model,writer,stylist,DJ and DJ manager and charity worker.
A big part of that community has turned their backs on their fellow fashion comrade.

Last month an ex-sponsor and ex-acquaintance of his posted a slanderous and distorted account of a personal in-world IM between them on her Flickr photography page and business blog …with a very attention grabbing and untrue headline. Her fans and supporters proceeded to attack his character without any actual proof of wrongdoing.

1. No one seemed to care about what he actually said or his side of the story-as opposed to what her interpretation or assumed threat was.
2. People made aggressive comments and jumped on a bandwagon about something they knew nothing about.

Agencies,magazines,sponsors and events have “let him go” because of this posting.
An employee who has done good work and would otherwise still be in their employ. This is all very unfair.Some of them admit the firing is because of the “drama” .Here, this is a case of victim blaming.
He did not create this “drama” it was brought upon him. He published his side of the story on his blog only after he was recently fired.

He is suffering and devastated. His mental health is crumbling.I’m doing my best to lend support, but his world (SL is his world) is falling apart. He is alone, home bound and sick, so has little else. My heart is so heavy from this.

I would like the people who have judged him based on an untruth to reconsider what they are doing…and how this is causing so much pain and ruining someone’s life.

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