Dreaming Faun

Dreaming Faun



Skin:(Nylon Outfitters) High Def Skin-Ivory *new*
Eye Makeup: (Nylon Outfitters)High Def Cosmetics-Red with Eyeliner *new*
Lipstick: (Nylon Outfitters)High Def Cosmetics-Coral Red *new*
Eyeliner: MIASNOW-Black
Headpiece: MiaMai- The Dreaming Faun -Silver *new*The Secret Affair)
Coat: Junbug-Darcy’s Warmth *new* (FLF-July18)
Jewelry: [Modern.Couture] Diva Blue (L’Accessoires-July)
Shoes: [Co57] Valentina- Nose-Candy
Hair: Shi – Chic (Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes: {SONG} Owls-Tropical
Top: FemmeFatale- Soraya Couture
Pants: B@R- Paso Doble Cover
Poses: {NanTra} Sarabande Set *new*(Genre- Baroque)


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